7 Things Your Dog Hates About You

Your dog is the best companion for you. On the other hand, your dog may become confused when you do some things. Your dog may send some signals if it is given a chance. As a dog owner, you should know what your dog hates about you in detail. This will help you to build relationships with your dog. Moreover, you can avoid such things which give ways to reduce various problems.

dogs hate you

Understand the things that your dog hates

1. Setting different rules for your dog

It is wise to set certain boundaries and limits for your dog. However, ensure that you stick to them because your dog is already following some patterns. Don’t expect your dog to dance to your tunes because it will result in stress and confusion. For example, you shouldn’t ask your dog to do an activity again when you like certain behavior.

2. Patting your dog’s head

Although your dog likes your affection, you shouldn’t pat your dog’s head. Some dogs don’t like patting and they will show their anger when you touch them on their head with your hands. Your dog is likely to enjoy its head and wants to lean on the floor for some minutes.

3. Don’t use different words for a command

Your dog will behave properly when you use a single word for a command. If you utilize different words for the same command then, your dog will become confused. Apart from that, your dog won’t produce the expected response to your order. Therefore, you should consider using a single common word for various commands.

4. Don’t try to hug your dog tightly

Pet experts say that your dog doesn’t like hugging activities. While some dogs enjoy hugging, some other breeds don’t. Your dog wants to be hugged by your family members and not by others. When someone outside of your family likes to hug your dog then, it will lead to negative results. You should watch out for the signs and discomforts when you want to hug your dog tightly.

5. Don’t disturb the sleep pattern of your dog

Your dog can become shocked when you touch when it’s asleep. Sometimes, your dog may face hearing disabilities due to aging and other factors. Hence, you should make your dog wake up naturally.

6. Not providing enough mental/physical attention for your dog

Your dog wants to have fun with toys, exercises, and games. You should take your dog for a walk because it will do major wonders. You can buy high-quality pets supplies onlinefor walking and other activities that will help your dog in a healthy condition. They are ideal for ensuring comfort to your dog that doesn’t cause any problems.

7. Don’t leave your dog alone for long hours

You shouldn’t leave your dog alone for long hours because it will suffer from anxiety and depression. Your dog depends on you for food and other things. Leaving your dog alone for many hours will affect the health of your pet and you should avoid the same.

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